What’s in a name?

Names – how much do they matter to you? I’m working up a really despicable villain – stalker, rapist and serial killer – and I have this weird fear that anyone who shares their name or likes someone with the same name is going to be bothered that I used one similar to their own. So I searched for the most despised names in the US to see if there was any there that struck my fancy. I didn’t end up picking one of them, because most of them are disliked because they are so common (ie; Michael). Same problem with using the name for a victim that might be the name of a reader’s child. But there is no way to know that normally. So that’s probably a good time to use a very rare name.
I also don’t want to use names that are over done for my Heroes. No Jamie or Rafe or Damon. One of my favorite reviews for Arrested said, “Kathleen and Stephen. What common names, what unusual characters and adventures.” I did purposefully choose normal names for them. Makwa is a traditional American Indian name, but Mack is a very common 1930s name. Fiona may have been too common for an Irish lass in books, I kind of regret that one. Juliette and Tristan were very old school romance, but that was the point.
Some folks don’t like names that are just too odd – though I loved ‘Ransom’, others thought it was odd. JR Ward uses some very odd and obvious names (Rhage and Tohrment are just a little too cheesy for me). The name of one of my new heroes is Ash – which feels tough and simple, but also rather dark. I didn’t really think of it when I named him, but it’s also appropriate since he tends to leave things in ashes. Natalie (or Natalia, I haven’t decided) is his possible love interest – but that’s not her real name. Her real name would give away too much so I’m not going to share it here :).
Going Contemporary, I get to play with modern names. Plus monster hunters and hackers, and secret Mages all like to have ‘cool’ names. Like the Traveler, the Clockmaker or the Scribe. (Recently realized most of my Order of Prometheus Mages have ‘The’ as part of their self-given names. So I think I’ll have to tease them about that.)  But another side effect of magic is really long lives. If you could use magic, wouldn’t youth and health be two of the first things you learned to cast? Characters from my 1930s books can and will appear in the modern setting as well. (Writing a chapter with Ed in it now).
I need to come up with a name for new story that features a vampire, so thought it should be an older name – seeing as vampires are immortal – that will be used in a modern setting. I’m going with a WWI vet. That lets me possibly play with him as a human in the 1930s stories and makes him a nice anachronism in the 2000s. His love interest is a young, slightly punk, computer mage named Zoe (which means Life, an important contrast). They are a study in opposites.
How much do the names of characters in books matter to you?

Happy May Fifth Strikes Back!

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I’ve always been a Star Wars fan, from that first moment the giant Star Destroyer ate up the screen in A New Hope and it just kept getting bigger and bigger, I was hooked. I can’t quote the movie like my friends and husband can, but it was definitely something that was burnt into my psyche. I’ve also always loved villains and Darth Vader was a great one. Tall, dark and well … evil. I don’t need my evil explained or to have excuses, sometimes bad is just bad. I don’t need them to be redeemed either, they enjoy being evil.

One of my most despicable characters is Milwaukee Phil. Though inspired by the real historical figure, he is far different from the real one (or I sure hope so!). He is one of the bad guys through Arrested by Passion and Nocturnal Voyeur, and will be in Dorothy Surrenders as well. Those three books cross over and interconnect, even though they can each stand on their own, there are behind the scenes revelations in each book.  Kathleen from AbP was roommates with Dorothy in Chicago when they both worked at a Speakeasy. Later, Kathleen went to college with Fiona from NV. In Nocturnal Voyeur, Fiona learns some things about Dorothy as well. Milwaukee Phil is a looming shadow in all three books.

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If only she could find the man of her dreams …

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Fiona had resisted giving in to her nightly sexual fantasy of an amorphous shadowy lover, but not tonight. What she finds on the other side of waking changes everything. A dream is not always just a dream.
Touched by nightmare, Fiona discovers her own power, an insight into the sexual fantasy worlds of others. Buffeted by the desires of others, Fiona fights to keep her sanity.
Can she learn what her gift or curse means and to control it before it controls her?
Will her monstrous paramour return and want more?
Maybe if she could only find someone who understood the dream realm, someone who could teach and protect her…

Cover Reveal – Nocturnal Voyeur 5

Oath of the Warbear – The 5th and final book in the Nocturnal Voyeur Series – to be Released April 1st!


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With a series of the same sounds of air rushing through a small hole, more of the pack arrived. Some were the man-wolf thing, others just wolves. Six in all, they fanned out around the roof in a rough semi circle around Fiona and the fallen form of Mack.
Fiona reached into the first aid kit and grabbed the pair of scissors, gripping them in her fist in a way she hoped looked threateningly defensive.
One of the man-wolves stepped forward and slowly, disgustingly, shifted into his human shape. Fiona fought down the bile that rose in the back of her throat as the man’s skin roiled and twisted, the mass of his flesh melting and changing as he became the naked form of the werewolf she called Cheekbones.
He smiled at her and licked his lips. “Yer like a little Florence Nightingale there, ain’tcha?” His voice oozed sarcasm while he scanned her up and down. “Thanks for being here, little dreamer, it saves us the time of having to hunt you down once we finish rippin’ the stuffing out of your teddy bear.”
His words brought forth wheezy laughter from the throats of the still canine pack. “Maybe I’ll make him into a rug. Our kids can play on it.”
“Leave us alone! What did we ever do to you?” Fiona tried to look defiant, but her eyes were filling with tears. There was no way she could take on a half a dozen werewolves. Even with Mack awake and healed, she had serious doubts about how a fight with this many of them would turn out.
“Macky boy there’s been a thorn in our side for a long time. See, our elders made a deal with him to get access to the dream realm. We use it to travel around, sneak up on our prey. Most of our kind can’t get there without help, so we play nice with old puddin’ there. Now, we found you, and the way I see it, we don’t need a bear no more, we got a spider of our own.”
“I won’t help you if you hurt him.”
“I wasn’t asking you to help. I like the idea of forcing you.”

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Kathleen’s life is about to take a turn for the passionate … if she survives.
This Tale of Passion, Pulp and the Paranormal is a BDSM love story with steamy sex, murderous monsters, greedy gangsters and a HEA.

ArrestedBoxFinalthumbnarrow     Stephen removed his hand. “Keep your eyes closed, Kathleen.” His voice was direct, a command, not a request. As he spoke, she heard the drawer of the bedside table open. “We are being licentious and lewd, Kathleen, but not cheap and tawdry. You are naked but for your stockings and heels, and you are desperate for more sex.” He ran his hands down her legs to her feet where he removed each of her shoes. She heard him walk towards the bureau where he had placed her other garments. “A few minutes ago, I was forcing myself into you on the kitchen table, and, while you could not have stopped me, you did not want to. Liking it doesn’t make you a tart, a tart lets everyone know that she likes it. It’s our secret.” She kept her eyes squeezed shut, her eyebrows lowered and her forehead deeply wrinkled with the concern on her face.

Back in the saddle again

The final book for Nocturnal Voyeur is in editing. I cracked 20k words with that one as well. I plan to release the bundle at the same time – so look for that. I thought I’d take a break from Passion, Pulp and the Paranormal and write a one off Astra story. But I’ve been struggling with it and the siren call of social media has been far too distracting. Plus I keep having ideas for ‘Dorothy Surrenders’ (Yep, planned title). So I switched to that today and got out 2000 words and some research.
Dorothy is Kathleen’s roommate while she lived in Chicago. If you read Arrested by Passion, you know that something horrible happened to Dorothy, but Kathleen doesn’t know what. Dorothy is also in Nocturnal Voyeur, where Fiona encounters the beautiful bombshell at a nightclub and sees a vision of what Dorothy’s mob boyfriend, Phil, does to her.  It’s quite disturbing, though Dorothy seemed to like it.
The stories of the three women cross paths, influencing and changing things for each other in ways they don’t realize. Only you as the reader get to see what happens from every view point and see how what Kathleen and Fiona did affect’s Dorothy’s HEA. Though if you’ve read the other stories, you know Dorothy’s love, Augie, is already dead, so who is her new love interest? You’ll have to read it and see when it comes out. Dorothy, and then Ellie’s story, will both be full length novels. As will most anything else coming out in the Passion, Pulp and the Paranormal universe. Gotta love it when the biggest complaint in your reviews is, “It’s not long enough.” 🙂 I heard you.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope that you all have a lovely day filled with romance, tenderness, and, of course, sex!

Here’s a little peek into Stephen and Kathleen’s Kitchen from Arrested by Passion:


One of Stephen’s hands remained tangled in her hair while the other started to roam over her torso. The neckline of her white and pink flowered dress allowed him to brush his fingers over the swells of her breasts, leaving a trail of tingling skin in their wake.
She pulled her mouth from his chest and tilted her chin up, her lips inviting him in for a kiss. The hand in her hair pulled her tight. His mouth sealed to hers, his lips rough and demanding as he stole her breath away with his passion. Her knees buckled, and she leaned her weight into his warm skin.
Stephen’s wide, strong hand engulfed her breast from below. He roughly cupped and pushed the tender flesh, so it swelled up from the neckline of her dress. His other hand slipped from her hair and joined the first to press both of her breasts up, her cleavage overflowing the tight fabric. His mouth broke from hers and he drew back to gaze down on the picture he had created with an appreciative sigh.
“You are beautiful, Kathleen.”
He rained kisses over the pale, curved expanse of her bosom, ending with a trio of love bites that caused her to draw away from him with a surprised squeak. She found herself fetched back up against the stove, her hand flinching from the hot surface.
Stephen gently guided her to the side, his hands still on her breasts, leaning her against an empty counter. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”
She murmured thanks distractedly as his hands kneaded the pale globes captured in the wide net of his fingers. His head darted in to kiss and nip lightly at the taut tendon of her neck as she exposed it to him. As his insistence built, his hands pressed harder into the pillowed flesh in his grip, his teeth grazed over her tender skin. Her back arched away until her shoulders were against the wall cabinets, then she could go no further. He kept pushing, though, his body crowding her, forcing her legs apart with his knee.
She moaned helplessly, tossed into a dark sea of sensations as his muscled thigh found the juncture of her sex and pressed home. Her legs opened to welcome him, and he ground roughly against her pelvic bone. His breath was harsh in her ear, blowing goosebumps over her skin with each exhalation. Sharp teeth scratched and bit little folds of skin, the pain of it making her twitch and she tried to lift a shoulder to push him away. His hand jerked back up into her hair, tangling and pulling it to hold her in place. She knew he would do whatever he wanted, and she welcomed it.