Arrested by Passion – The Complete Series

Available for Pre-Order, Arrested by Passion – The Complete Series, will be available on 2/12/2016!

This is the Complete collected Arrested by Passion Series with never before released content!


To most of Kathleen’s readers she’s just a pulp fiction writer who spins tales about monsters and magic. On the brink of World War II, monstrous beasts and worse lurk in the shadows, unknown and unseen. Her universe is one of Lovecraftian horror and conservative morals. She’s not afraid of anything, except telling her boyfriend the truth about her feelings and her past.

However, she’s not the only one with secrets. Beneath the gentlemanly exterior of her detective boyfriend, Stephen, lurks an intensity she never suspected.

He’s waited long enough, it’s time for him to reveal his long suppressed desire to control and dominate the woman he loves.

How is a newly liberated woman supposed to agree to obey her lover’s orders? Can she still be an independent woman and a submissive?

A shadow from her past looms over her future; a deadly shadow that threatens to kill everyone she loves.

Kathleen’s life is about to take a turn for the passionate … if she survives.

This Tale of Passion, Pulp and the Paranormal is a BDSM love story with steamy sex, murderous monsters, greedy gangsters and a HEA.



Arrested by Passion – Their Accord

To celebrate the release of the final chapter in Arrested by Passion – Their Accord – and Kathleen’s HEA, the first book, His Dark Desire is FREE on Amazon this weekend only!



Kathleen is a strong, self made, motivated woman living in St. Louis. She makes her way in the prejudiced man’s world of 1937 as a journalist, hiding behind a genderless pen name and selling stories of the supernatural and bizarre to a national weekly publication. Little does the world at large know, Kathleen is really a member of a secret society of Mages known as the Order of Prometheus, who date back to ancient Alexandria. While she sells stories of the weird to the masses, she sends reports on real monsters and demons to witch hunters within the Order.
Kathleen’s lover, Stephen, is a Vice Squad detective with a background in early 20th century forensics. A man of sharp intellect and keen perception, he cannot help but be attracted to Kathleen’s unending quest to learn about what he knows is not real. But Stephen has a secret of his own; a hidden need that would pull Kathleen into a world of dominance and submission where she would discover her own dark desires.


Sorry for the delay! Here’s a tease!

I feel lame blaming it on the weather, but it’s really difficult to write erotica with a kid who’s been trapped inside with no school for a week! I’m on the last scene of Arrested by Passion book 5, and have found myself well over 15k words. I’m giving up on trying to limit it too, the muse guides my hand- or something like that.

It still needs to go into editing, but here’s a teaser from the raw and first draft, so things might still change:

Kathleen moved to stand in front of him, her arms crossing over her torso as she lifted the frilly blouse, revealing her unfettered breasts. They rested full and round on her rib cage, her nipples hard already at the thought of what was to come. Stephen smiled in appreciation as he watched her, his finger making a spinning motion and she complied, turning around to wiggle out of the form fitting skirt. His hands gripped both sides of her hips, pulling her back to him, her ass at face height where he sat. His lips pressed against the side of her buttocks, just before his teeth nipped at her flesh. She tried to jerk away, but his hands held her firm.
“Do you accept your punishment for disobeying me today, Kathleen?”


New Release: Her Confession

Just out – Free on KU:  Her Confession, Arrested by Passion book 4!

Kathleen is a daring reporter who investigates the creepy and supernatural during the gathering storm of WWII.
She has been running from a dangerous and shadowy past most of her adult life. She has alway been willing to pack up and run if it caught up to her again.
Now she has something worth fighting for. She wants to stay with the man she loves.
A man that has been teaching her that she doesn’t have to be afraid of her own desires. That there is nothing wrong with the things she wants.
If only she could admit that to herself.
Can she admit her past to her police detective boyfriend?
Will her lies and criminal past drive him away?

This is a story of explicit, romantic, BDSM erotica set in the Passion, Pulp and Paranormal Universe, a world of Lovecraftian mythos set in the 1930s.


Nocturnal Voyeur 4 Out Now!

Dreamweaver’s Obligation is available now on Amazon and free on KU!

Fiona was violated by a tentacled nightmare in her own dreams. But the monster stirred a strong power within her. The ability to see into and control the sexual fantasies and dreams of others. Her nearly mythical powers have gained the attention of supernatural beings that vie to control her.
Pledging herself to the protection of the bear shifter, Mack, Fiona has picked her side in the upcoming battle. But to the others, a pack of werewolves, a sadistic warlock and the creature of her nightmare, she’s the prize.
Mack chased off the monster, fought off the werewolves, and stared down the warlock, but is he strong enough to finish what he started? Even now, as Mack carries Fiona away from her latest brush with danger, she wonders at the depth of her feelings for her massive protector and worries that he doesn’t feel the same, or worse, that he means to use her for his own unknown plans.


Happy Holidays!

I just got back from a lovely vacation at Disney World. It was great to spend time with my family, but I just kept thinking about how much I wanted to get back to writing! I kept having ideas when they were the most inappropriate, Disney is a weird place to come up with Erotica story plots.

I’ll be hard at work finishing up books 4 of both Arrested by Passion and Nocturnal Voyeur.  As Fiona and Kathleen are crossing over into each others stories this time, I’ve been having to write sections of them at the same time to make sure everything lines up. Do hope to have both of them published by Christmas however.