I bit the bullet and created an official author page on Facebook. You can come like it and get author updates, tidbits, insights into story process and sexy pictures – lots and lots of sexy pictures! Come follow me down the rabbit hole!

You are still more than welcome to friend me on my regular Facebook page, but you’ll hear more mundane, boring things there – like my dogs, my vacations (or where I wish I was traveling), or weather (we get a lot of snow up here).

If you don’t know my other social media pages –authorpic5

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JDCarabella Pinterest – As safe as Pinterest makes me. Lots of sexy pictures, vintage, pin ups, pulp magazine covers, and pictures I used for inspiration to write my books. I do a lot of research into how things looked in the 1930s, I share the pictures I used here.

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Hope to hear from you soon!

– JD