I hope that you all have a lovely day filled with romance, tenderness, and, of course, sex!

Here’s a little peek into Stephen and Kathleen’s Kitchen from Arrested by Passion:


One of Stephen’s hands remained tangled in her hair while the other started to roam over her torso. The neckline of her white and pink flowered dress allowed him to brush his fingers over the swells of her breasts, leaving a trail of tingling skin in their wake.
She pulled her mouth from his chest and tilted her chin up, her lips inviting him in for a kiss. The hand in her hair pulled her tight. His mouth sealed to hers, his lips rough and demanding as he stole her breath away with his passion. Her knees buckled, and she leaned her weight into his warm skin.
Stephen’s wide, strong hand engulfed her breast from below. He roughly cupped and pushed the tender flesh, so it swelled up from the neckline of her dress. His other hand slipped from her hair and joined the first to press both of her breasts up, her cleavage overflowing the tight fabric. His mouth broke from hers and he drew back to gaze down on the picture he had created with an appreciative sigh.
“You are beautiful, Kathleen.”
He rained kisses over the pale, curved expanse of her bosom, ending with a trio of love bites that caused her to draw away from him with a surprised squeak. She found herself fetched back up against the stove, her hand flinching from the hot surface.
Stephen gently guided her to the side, his hands still on her breasts, leaning her against an empty counter. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”
She murmured thanks distractedly as his hands kneaded the pale globes captured in the wide net of his fingers. His head darted in to kiss and nip lightly at the taut tendon of her neck as she exposed it to him. As his insistence built, his hands pressed harder into the pillowed flesh in his grip, his teeth grazed over her tender skin. Her back arched away until her shoulders were against the wall cabinets, then she could go no further. He kept pushing, though, his body crowding her, forcing her legs apart with his knee.
She moaned helplessly, tossed into a dark sea of sensations as his muscled thigh found the juncture of her sex and pressed home. Her legs opened to welcome him, and he ground roughly against her pelvic bone. His breath was harsh in her ear, blowing goosebumps over her skin with each exhalation. Sharp teeth scratched and bit little folds of skin, the pain of it making her twitch and she tried to lift a shoulder to push him away. His hand jerked back up into her hair, tangling and pulling it to hold her in place. She knew he would do whatever he wanted, and she welcomed it.