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Kathleen’s life is about to take a turn for the passionate … if she survives.
This Tale of Passion, Pulp and the Paranormal is a BDSM love story with steamy sex, murderous monsters, greedy gangsters and a HEA.

ArrestedBoxFinalthumbnarrow     Stephen removed his hand. “Keep your eyes closed, Kathleen.” His voice was direct, a command, not a request. As he spoke, she heard the drawer of the bedside table open. “We are being licentious and lewd, Kathleen, but not cheap and tawdry. You are naked but for your stockings and heels, and you are desperate for more sex.” He ran his hands down her legs to her feet where he removed each of her shoes. She heard him walk towards the bureau where he had placed her other garments. “A few minutes ago, I was forcing myself into you on the kitchen table, and, while you could not have stopped me, you did not want to. Liking it doesn’t make you a tart, a tart lets everyone know that she likes it. It’s our secret.” She kept her eyes squeezed shut, her eyebrows lowered and her forehead deeply wrinkled with the concern on her face.