Nocturnal Voyeur is on sale for $0.99 to celebrate this day of villains –

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I’ve always been a Star Wars fan, from that first moment the giant Star Destroyer ate up the screen in A New Hope and it just kept getting bigger and bigger, I was hooked. I can’t quote the movie like my friends and husband can, but it was definitely something that was burnt into my psyche. I’ve also always loved villains and Darth Vader was a great one. Tall, dark and well … evil. I don’t need my evil explained or to have excuses, sometimes bad is just bad. I don’t need them to be redeemed either, they enjoy being evil.

One of my most despicable characters is Milwaukee Phil. Though inspired by the real historical figure, he is far different from the real one (or I sure hope so!). He is one of the bad guys through Arrested by Passion and Nocturnal Voyeur, and will be in Dorothy Surrenders as well. Those three books cross over and interconnect, even though they can each stand on their own, there are behind the scenes revelations in each book.  Kathleen from AbP was roommates with Dorothy in Chicago when they both worked at a Speakeasy. Later, Kathleen went to college with Fiona from NV. In Nocturnal Voyeur, Fiona learns some things about Dorothy as well. Milwaukee Phil is a looming shadow in all three books.

As part of what I consider a holiday to celebrate evil – Nocturnal Voyeur will be on sale for $0.99 until May 7th!  This isn’t your mother’s Paranormal Romance.

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