The final book for Nocturnal Voyeur is in editing. I cracked 20k words with that one as well. I plan to release the bundle at the same time – so look for that. I thought I’d take a break from Passion, Pulp and the Paranormal and write a one off Astra story. But I’ve been struggling with it and the siren call of social media has been far too distracting. Plus I keep having ideas for ‘Dorothy Surrenders’ (Yep, planned title). So I switched to that today and got out 2000 words and some research.
Dorothy is Kathleen’s roommate while she lived in Chicago. If you read Arrested by Passion, you know that something horrible happened to Dorothy, but Kathleen doesn’t know what. Dorothy is also in Nocturnal Voyeur, where Fiona encounters the beautiful bombshell at a nightclub and sees a vision of what Dorothy’s mob boyfriend, Phil, does to her.  It’s quite disturbing, though Dorothy seemed to like it.
The stories of the three women cross paths, influencing and changing things for each other in ways they don’t realize. Only you as the reader get to see what happens from every view point and see how what Kathleen and Fiona did affect’s Dorothy’s HEA. Though if you’ve read the other stories, you know Dorothy’s love, Augie, is already dead, so who is her new love interest? You’ll have to read it and see when it comes out. Dorothy, and then Ellie’s story, will both be full length novels. As will most anything else coming out in the Passion, Pulp and the Paranormal universe. Gotta love it when the biggest complaint in your reviews is, “It’s not long enough.” 🙂 I heard you.