To celebrate the release of the final chapter in Arrested by Passion – Their Accord – and Kathleen’s HEA, the first book, His Dark Desire is FREE on Amazon this weekend only!



Kathleen is a strong, self made, motivated woman living in St. Louis. She makes her way in the prejudiced man’s world of 1937 as a journalist, hiding behind a genderless pen name and selling stories of the supernatural and bizarre to a national weekly publication. Little does the world at large know, Kathleen is really a member of a secret society of Mages known as the Order of Prometheus, who date back to ancient Alexandria. While she sells stories of the weird to the masses, she sends reports on real monsters and demons to witch hunters within the Order.
Kathleen’s lover, Stephen, is a Vice Squad detective with a background in early 20th century forensics. A man of sharp intellect and keen perception, he cannot help but be attracted to Kathleen’s unending quest to learn about what he knows is not real. But Stephen has a secret of his own; a hidden need that would pull Kathleen into a world of dominance and submission where she would discover her own dark desires.