I feel lame blaming it on the weather, but it’s really difficult to write erotica with a kid who’s been trapped inside with no school for a week! I’m on the last scene of Arrested by Passion book 5, and have found myself well over 15k words. I’m giving up on trying to limit it too, the muse guides my hand- or something like that.

It still needs to go into editing, but here’s a teaser from the raw and first draft, so things might still change:

Kathleen moved to stand in front of him, her arms crossing over her torso as she lifted the frilly blouse, revealing her unfettered breasts. They rested full and round on her rib cage, her nipples hard already at the thought of what was to come. Stephen smiled in appreciation as he watched her, his finger making a spinning motion and she complied, turning around to wiggle out of the form fitting skirt. His hands gripped both sides of her hips, pulling her back to him, her ass at face height where he sat. His lips pressed against the side of her buttocks, just before his teeth nipped at her flesh. She tried to jerk away, but his hands held her firm.
“Do you accept your punishment for disobeying me today, Kathleen?”