Just out – Free on KU:  Her Confession, Arrested by Passion book 4!

Kathleen is a daring reporter who investigates the creepy and supernatural during the gathering storm of WWII.
She has been running from a dangerous and shadowy past most of her adult life. She has alway been willing to pack up and run if it caught up to her again.
Now she has something worth fighting for. She wants to stay with the man she loves.
A man that has been teaching her that she doesn’t have to be afraid of her own desires. That there is nothing wrong with the things she wants.
If only she could admit that to herself.
Can she admit her past to her police detective boyfriend?
Will her lies and criminal past drive him away?

This is a story of explicit, romantic, BDSM erotica set in the Passion, Pulp and Paranormal Universe, a world of Lovecraftian mythos set in the 1930s.