Publishing today will be a new series about Fae who visit in dreams to fulfill fantasies the dreamers are too afraid to fulfill in real life.

The first story is about Karen:

A tough, fearless, strong willed woman who knows how to take care of herself, Karen slings beers to ruffians and bikers for eight hours a day at a roadhouse bar. Her reputation demands respect, and Karen isn’t afraid to put any man who steps out of line in his place.

But beneath her brash facade, Karen wants a man who won’t back down from her, a man who will call her bluff, accept her challenge, and claim her for his own. Admitting her fantasy to anyone would make her open season to all the lowlives and bottom feeders, but hiding it means turning down a steady stream of nice guys who are the only men brave enough to pursue her.

If only she could find the man of her dreams…